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That's a good sign. For our tenants, it means they're open for business, open for hiring, open for contributing something valuable to the community.

It's the same for Kimco. When we're open to new ideas, we're open to new possibilities and new opportunities.

Whether we're rethinking how we do business, taking steps to renew communities and people, or changing the way we run our shopping centers to restore the environment, everyone benefits.

Better business. Better neighbors. Better world.

Isn't that what responsibility is all about?

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Our real estate footprint is large, and so is our response to protecting and preserving the environment – for this generation and for those to come.
We're doing our part – and showing some heart – to help create more economically vibrant and growing communities.
We're taking a fresh look at every aspect of our operations, for the benefit of all - our tenants, investors, associates, and the neighborhoods we serve.