Education, collaboration, and neighborhood outreach are all important to a healthy community. That’s why we work hard to put together events at our shopping centers to encourage all three! One of our latest examples of this is the Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest, an event spread across two weekends at our Christown Spectrum shopping center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fun filled festivities for readers

Christown hosted two themed reading parties over the course of two weekends. On September 9, children were met with an Alice in Wonderland theme, while those who attended September 16 got to enjoy a fun-filled Cat in the Hat-themed event.

Both weekends featured fun activities such as balloon twisting, live music, face painting, and a craft station, where kids could create their own books. Additionally, each weekend hosted a themed tea party with character meet and greets, party seating, and decorations to match the book of the week. Party guests could interact with and get autographs from Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter the first weekend, or take pictures with the Cat in the Hat, Thing One, and Thing Two the following weekend.

Collaborating with the community

Not only was this event a fun-filled day for kids, but it also served as a great community activity between the Arizona Department of Education, the Phoenix Public Library, and our Kimco shopping center. The Department of Education initially helped by promoting the event on their social media pages and distributing flyers to the surrounding schools. Diane Douglas, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, even came to read a short story, talk to families, and take pictures.

The Phoenix Public Library and the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library allowed 400 children to take home free books, and several families signed up for library cards throughout the events. Many families also brought books to donate, furthering the partnership between the Christown event and the public library.

Check it out!

Overall, the event was a huge success, drawing families to the shopping center for a fun and educational event. Parents, kids, and even representatives from the Department of Education were all impressed with the activities and the turnout, and we hope the success will lead to continued collaboration with local organizations!

Take a look below at some of the fun that was had at the Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest:

Themed decorations brought each weekend’s tea parties together

Kids could create their own books to take home

Character guests make an appearance at the Alice in Wonderland themed weekend

Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas poses with Thing 1 and a Fun Fest attendee

Face paint and other fun activities added to the day