What does it take to be a leader? In our industry, leadership depends in part on anticipating market trends. When you can foresee the needs of consumers, you can equip your commercial tenants with the resources necessary to provide the best customer experience.

Such was the case last summer when Kimco recognized an oncoming demand for auto charging stations, where drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) can quick-charge their cars. By September our first installation of an NRG eVgo Freedom Station was in place at Kimco’s Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City, California.

CHARGING IT: An eVgo Fast Charger charges a Nissan Leaf at Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City, CA

CHARGING IT: An eVgo Fast Charger charges a Nissan Leaf at Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City, CA

The response has been terrific. Currently the Westlake station averages 18 charges every day, making it one of the highest-rated sites for NRG eVgo. Customers love the convenience of a charging station in a shopping center parking lot, and our retailers appreciate the addition of an on-site amenity that increases foot traffic and appeals to the sensibilities of the local population.

Encouraged by the success at Westlake, Kimco has since completed installation on another four eVgo Freedom Stations in southern California. An additional six are currently underway as well, with all expected to be completed by the end of the year. See all the completed and planned locations below.

We’ve found the right partner in NRG eVgo, a forward-thinking company with a vision for creating a comprehensive EV ecosystem. Beyond our shared goals of maximizing efficiency and minimizing the carbon footprint, we both provide services within proximity of heavily trafficked areas. Kimco’s portfolio is uniquely well suited to accommodate the growing EV market given that our shopping centers are all easily accessed from major arteries and thoroughfares. Our partnership with NRG eVgo enables drivers to hop off the highway, top off the charge, and take care of any shopping with minimal disruption to their day.

Kimco is continuing to evaluate new sites for stations. While concentration to date has been on the West Coast, we see opportunity in several states, including along East Coast corridors where demand is steadily on the rise.

Charging stations are emerging as a socially responsible, value-added service for tenants and customers alike across the nation. We’ll be watching consumer trends closely as we continue to enhance and evolve the shopping center experience.

Location City Status
Westlake Shopping Center Daly City, CA Completed
Broadway Plaza Chula Vista, CA Completed
Del Norte Plaza Escondido, CA Completed
Rancho Penasquitos Towne Center San Diego, CA Completed
Larwin Square Tustin, CA Completed
Corona Hills Plaza Corona, CA In Progress
Country Fair SC Chino, CA In Progress
Linda Mar Pacifica, CA In Progress
Corona Hills Marketplace Corona, CA In Progress
Pavilions Place Westminster, CA In Progress
Savi Ranch Yorba Linda, CA In Progress