Kimco’s PropertyFind tool is one of the most widely used features on our corporate website, and for good reason. It lets you search for any property in our portfolio, and bring up a library of resources about its location, tenant mix, area demographics, and other information pertinent to tenants and investors.

We continually update our PropertyFind tool based on feedback from our external and internal users. We’ve just completed our latest upgrade of the tool, and unveiled the new functionality last week. This fresh round of enhancements will make finding properties easier and more intuitive. Here’s what’s new.

Simplified landing page layout

The simplified landing page layout makes it easier to search for properties across a wide range of criteria. Search options include:

  • Selecting a state or country from the map.
  • Entering a property name or site number at the top of the PropertyFind search box.
  • Entering any number of additional search criteria within the PropertyFind search box, including zip code, available unit GLA, major U.S. tenant, MSA, or leasing contact.

Kimco PropetyFind landing page

Enhanced search results page

  • The search results page now returns a detailed list of properties and a map with pins corresponding to each property’s location. This makes it easier to identify and assess properties’ location in a visual snapshot.
  • The results list can be sorted by Kimco site number, city, center name, available space, and site GLA, by clicking on the table headings. This lets you group and rank properties according to certain criteria to further analyze their qualities.
  • You can download, email, and print all results through the buttons at the bottom of the list, making it easy to save and share results for future use.

Kimco PropetyFind search results

More organized property details page

  • All downloadable documents -- including property flyers, marketing packages, and demographic reports -- are grouped together for quick access.
  • Site information is organized in tabs, including anchor tenants, property information, tenant GLA, and demographics. This makes it easier to navigate the information.
  • The blue PropertyFind tab is prominently displayed on the right side, making it easier to begin a new search.
  • You can quickly return to your list of results using the Back button at the top of the page, saving you from having to re-do your search.

Kimco PropetyFind details page

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our PropertyFind tool. We hope our updated tool improves your user experience and meets your property searching needs. Feel free to test the new features now and let us know what you think in the comments below.

By Diane Agostinello