Suburban Square, Kimco's open-air lifestyle center in Ardmore, Pa.

Suburban Square, Kimco's open-air lifestyle center in Ardmore, Pa.

Just a few years ago, sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives were the focus of smaller niche companies. Today, organizations of all sizes and in all industries are exploring new (or in some cases re-thinking old) approaches to how they do business.

Many of these businesses are increasing their activity in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

I joined Kimco earlier this year, and together with colleagues throughout the company, am working to develop and implement Kimco's sustainability program. At Kimco, we view sustainability as a tremendous opportunity, and we're using it as a lens through which we identify and pursue initiatives that optimize both our environmental and economic performance.

I've come to appreciate that Kimco is an established and innovative company committed to bringing a creative approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility. We are expanding our sustainability efforts for a number of reasons:

  1. A sustainability program is necessary to meet the evolving expectations of key stakeholders in our business, including investors, tenants, and Kimco associates.
  2. Energy and other resources represent significant and growing operating costs. Our sustainability initiatives help to mitigate the additional costs.
  3. Our efforts can create new business opportunities. In a time of economic uncertainty, new ways of thinking can be a catalyst for business growth.

Brick-and-mortar retail presents a large and important sustainability opportunity for landlords and their tenants. As we continue on our path to improved sustainability, I believe it's important to share our story with others in a way that's authentic and transparent. I look forward to adding perspective on this exciting and evolving part of Kimco's business.