Whether you’re running a shop, or a shopping center, finding the time to stay up to date on the latest technological advances is often a pipe dream; a nice-to-have, but a hard-to-have as you work to keep normal operations running at maximum potential.

But for those of us who live and breathe this world of technology, we are seeing new innovations every week that can help improve the efficiency and success of our tenants, centers, and peers. That’s why we’ve launched REITech, a bimonthly blog series aggregating the top tech updates, news, and reviews for our readers to make life easier -- the way technology intended.

In each installment we’ll bring you an update on big trends shaping the marketplace. Think online delivery, analytics, millennial marketing, or consumer engagement tactics. We’ll look at technological advancements relating to property management, infrastructure, construction, and operations. We’ll also bring you information about companies and service providers that could complement and enhance your existing operations. Some will be universal, others will focus on an industry we know benefits a segment of our diverse tenant mix. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on when it comes to technology -- you love it, you hate it, you’re indifferent -- we’re here to be your one stop shop for top retail tech ideas.

Have specific ideas or questions you’d like us to cover? Send us an email and we’ll do our best to fit the topic in an upcoming installment. And be sure to check back next week for the first REITech series post.

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