Several more Kimco people and properties have been in the news since we posted our last media coverage wrap-up. Here's a round-up of some more December stories in case you missed them:

"Executive Suite: David Henry." Newsday's Christine Giordano interviewed our CEO, Dave Henry, for the publication's weekly Executive Suite column. Check out the Q&A for Dave's thoughts on the ever-changing retail real estate market and Kimco's acquisition strategy, and keep reading to find out about his favorite gadgets and ways to unwind.

"Ardmore's Suburban Square courtyard wraps up for the holidays." We're undertaking an expansive $1.5 million renovation project at Suburban Square, our open-air center in Ardmore, Pa. Mainline Media News' Cheryl Allison spoke to Suburban Square's General Manager, Mark Bachus, on the new improvements. Read her story for an update on the construction. Also watch our video interview with Mark to learn how his team drove traffic to Suburban Square during the holidays amidst the renovations.

"Growing demand for ethnic food correlates to increased minority populations." Minority-aimed grocery stores and services are rapidly growing, and we are seeing an increase in demand for these types of stores in our shopping centers. Conor Flynn, our President of the Western Region, spoke with the Victoria Advocate's Gheni Platenburg on this trend. Flip over to the article for his analysis and advice on how retailers should adapt to changing demographics. For more of Conor's insights on this topic (in English or Spanish), see his blog post about why small Hispanic grocers are poised to break out nationally.