CR MAKEOVER: Kimco’s new CR website features information and ongoing updates on our efforts in this space

CR MAKEOVER: Kimco’s new CR website features information and ongoing updates on our efforts in this space

Kimco’s Corporate Responsibility program encompasses our efforts to 1) rethink our business in new and creative ways, 2) positively impact communities and individuals, and 3) address our environmental impacts. We’ve talked about several of Kimco’s CR efforts on our blog, with two of our most recent posts covering our involvement in helping create ICSC’s Property Efficiency Scorecard, and our lighting efficiency initiatives that are part of our Gateway program.

As we’ve developed and talked about our CR efforts, we’ve found many of our tenants and investors asking us for even more information about the program. Most of these conversations have ended with folks expressing genuine surprise and delight that we're doing so much, but asking why we weren't sharing our story more proactively.

In response, we decided to create an online home for our program where rich information, insights, and advice can live -- the new Kimco CR website, which we are introducing today. This website pulls together information on all three of our program focus areas (mentioned above) into a single place you can reference and follow for ongoing updates.

Some the most interesting features and functionality include:

  • Overviews of our key programs and initiatives, to show you everything we’re doing in this space, including some specific statistics on the impact we’re having.
  • The "REporting" area, where you can access our most recent investor disclosures as well as a statement on our intentions for future program reporting.
  • Videos, which provide insights from Kimco executives and other leaders about our commitment and actions in this space.
  • Highlights from @KimcoCR, to keep a fresh and conversational flow of information on our program to complement our formal reporting.
  • New CR posts pulled from Kimco’s blog, to provide fresh and engaging information.

You can also read more details on the features of our CR site in the press release we issued today.

Lastly, the website you see today was not only encouraged by external feedback, but was also designed with stakeholder feedback in mind. We didn't want to produce something in a vacuum. So we benchmarked top sites within and outside of our industry, including those of our retail tenants. We also solicited input from investors, JV partners, and employees to understand what they wanted in such a website, what information would be helpful them, and how they liked to digest the information.

We hope we hit the nail on the head. We welcome you to give our new CR website a whirl, and tell us what you think @KimcoCR or If after visiting the site, you find it lacking in specific areas, feel free to suggest any content you’d like us to consider adding in future updates.

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