Last night, or technically the wee hours of this morning, the Chicago Cubs made history by winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, the longest stretch in the history of baseball. Understandably, the region’s fans were ecstatic and eager to buy some gear to preserve the moment.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, located at our Hawthorn Hills Square Shopping Center in Vernon Hills, Illinois, was happy to step up to the plate. For the past week, they let the community know via store signs and word of mouth that if the Cubs were to win, the store would open its doors as soon as the game ended so fans could immediately buy World Series 2016 Champs apparel and knickknacks.

So at midnight on a windy, rainy night, this location did just that. Even though Hawthorn Hills Square Shopping Center is located 30 miles from the stadium, there were at least 500 people stretching around the block waiting for Dick’s to open its doors. While the store dedicated a large percentage of its square footage just for Cubs paraphernalia, almost all of the inventory is now sold out. But don’t worry sports fans: there are more goodies on the way.


Retailers and restaurants should jump on this opportunity with their own specials and celebrations. As this win was such a long time in the making, shoppers are more motivated to go out and mark the occasion than other major sports championships. Events like these could mark a profitable start to the holiday shopping season.

Are you a Cubs fan? Tell us in the comments if you ventured out to nab your own piece of history.

  • CATEGORY: General
  • DATE: Thursday, November 3, 2016