Michael Kercheval, President and CEO of the International Council of Shopping Centers

Michael Kercheval, President and CEO of the International Council of Shopping Centers

The digital age has been revolutionizing retail and shopping centers over the past several years. Still, ICSC President and CEO Michael Kercheval believes “we’re just on the cusp of this new era in our industry today.” That’s just one takeaway from our interview with him this week as we head into ICSC's 2013 MOCIAL conference on Tuesday.

We spoke to Michael to get a preview of the industry update he’ll be giving at the conference in Washington, D.C. He delved into a host of hot topics that take the temperature of the retail real estate industry, including some surprising trends that are now gaining traction, news on the Marketplace Fairness Act, and his forecast for the holiday shopping season.

Take a listen, and feel free to jump to any question using the index. You can also read the transcript.

  • 0:44 What does the digital era really mean for retailers today, especially brick-and-mortar businesses?
  • 4:08 What keeps retailers up at night the most when it comes to the digital revolution and omni-channel retailing?
  • 6:26 Where are the best places retailers and shopping center operators can go to get their arms around mobile, social media, and omni-channel retailing?
  • 7:54 Beyond the obvious trends in mobile and social, what are the new trends that retailers should be paying attention to?
  • 13:35 Are the likes of Amazon and eBay still enemies to brick-and-mortar retailers?
  • 16:42 What is the latest news on the Marketplace Fairness Act, and what is your opinion on it?
  • 22:23 Do you see the Marketplace Fairness Act passing through the House of Representatives before the holiday shopping season gets underway?
  • 24:02 What is your forecast for this year’s holiday shopping season?
  • 28:08 How is this year’s MOCIAL conference showcasing the issues and trends that are top of mind for the retail real estate industry?
  • 30:13 How can attendees be best prepared for this year’s MOCIAL conference?

Michael, thanks very much for joining us, and giving us this sneak peek into next week’s event. Kimco is all set to attend the MOCIAL conference, and we plan to blog about what we find and learn.