Like many retailers, Unleashed by Petco is focused on engaging its community through unique local events. But while community engagement events are typically centered on building customer relationships, we recently helped Unleashed by Petco take this a step further and foster cotenant relationships as well during its Summer Snow Day event at Kimco’s Westlake Shopping Center. The center is in Daly City, Calif., just outside San Francisco.

Unleashed by Petco, which is the smaller neighborhood-style pet store Petco launched in 2009, told us that the involvement of its neighboring retailers was a key factor in the success of the event. By day’s end, the store had broken its daily sales record due to the additional foot traffic that the Westlake Shopping Center’s tenants collectively attracted.

We wanted to share some of the details of the event to show you a way to get more out of your community engagement events by partnering with your cotenants in your efforts.

Unleashed by Petco’s Summer Snow Day was the centerpiece of a larger shopping center event that we dubbed the Westlake Shopping Center Summer Street Fair.

For the Summer Snow Day, we helped Unleashed by Petco fence in an outdoor area next to its store and transform it into a winter wonderland where dog owners could play with their four-legged friends. Twenty tons of snow filled the 20-by-60 space, creating a “cool” playground for owners to play fetch and bond with their pets.

Unleashed by Petco offered a self-serve pet wash service where owners could clean off their dogs after playing in the snow, and gave out samples of doggie ice cream to showcase some of their products within the summer snow day theme. Petco team members also were on hand to tell owners about ways to keep their dogs cool during hot summer days.

Thirteen other tenants in our Westlake Shopping Center extended the entertainment by holding a Summer Street Fair. They set up tables outside their locations to sell their hottest items and draw shoppers into their stores to find more products. Many dog owners visited these retailers before and after their frolics through the snow.

With some 300 dogs coming out for the festivities, Unleashed by Petco's event proved to be a successful way to engage the local community, build its company brand, and promote the human-animal bond, while also driving sales and foot traffic to the shopping center and its retailers. You can see more photos and coverage of the Summer Snow Day event on Unleashed by Petco's Facebook page.

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