IN LINE: The strategy behind Pure Hockey’s physical stores aligns with its e-commerce site

FITS LIKE A GLOVE: Pure Hockey is well-suited for its new location at a Kimco center

Finding the right location for your business is one of the most important decisions any retailer makes. For Pure Hockey, that decision meant moving its flagship store from Berlin, Mass., onto the same road as the New England Sports Center (NESC) in Marlborough, Mass. The retailer, which has 18 locations total, is now one of the anchors at Kimco’s Shops at the Pond on Donald Lynch Boulevard. It will be celebrating the move this weekend with a grand opening tent sale.

The relocation places one of the country’s largest hockey retailers just a few miles away from the largest youth hockey facility in New England. The benefits have made the move “a no-brainer,” said Jeff Copetas, Vice President of Marketing & E-Commerce for Pure Hockey.

Top amongst those benefits are increased street visibility, improved proximity to the NESC, and continued access to the area’s strong hockey base. In addition, Pure Hockey has spread its former three levels of shopping across just one 21,063-square-foot floor slab, which has significantly eased merchandising.

Pure Hockey logoAnd unlike the Berlin location, Pure Hockey’s Marlborough location also has a traditional receiving dock, which makes transferring product more efficient. The store’s merchandise includes hockey equipment for all levels of play, from beginner to professional, as well as some lacrosse equipment, as many customers often play both sports.

Although Pure Hockey’s physical stores are a vital aspect of its business model, the retailer’s strong e-commerce business and social media strategy play integral roles as well. Pure Hockey closely ties these three components together -- cracking perhaps the toughest nut many retailers are facing today. Jeff filled us in on some ways Pure Hockey is integrating its brick-and-mortar foot traffic with its online strategy to attract and engage customers wherever they are.

Tune in to our podcast with Jeff for more details on the move, or read the transcript. Keep the Pure Hockey Facebook page handy to see some of the social aspects Jeff talks about.

  • 1:36 Background on Pure Hockey

2:50 Why Pure Hockey relocated from Berlin to Marlborough

IN LINE: The strategy behind Pure Hockey’s physical stores aligns with its e-commerce site

IN LINE: The strategy behind Pure Hockey’s physical stores aligns with its e-commerce site

  • 4:51 Pure Hockey’s grand opening plans
  • 5:57 The process for moving Pure Hockey’s merchandise
  • 7:00 Why the layout of the Marlborough location suits Pure Hockey well
  • 8:14 How Pure Hockey has tied its e-commerce site and physical stores together
  • 12:30 Pure Hockey’s plans to open new locations
  • 13:21 Pure Hockey’s approach to social media for engaging and entertaining customers

Moving forward, Pure Hockey plans to open “a handful” of new stores every year. This makes the mantra, “location, location, location,” as crucial as ever for the retailer. Thanks for joining us, Jeff, and best of luck to Pure Hockey!

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