KEYS Success Stories

MROC Training – Fire Mountain Center, Oceanside, CA:

Mike Confer’s fitness journey began in Okinawa, Japan as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. His passion for coaching and healthy living continued through college as a Personal Trainer, reaching a peak in 2011 when he discovered Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Since then, Mike has been on a mission to serve the Mud Run & Obstacle Course Racing (ORC) community with expert fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. He’s now been able to fulfill this mission through the KEYS Program. For more on MROC Training, check out our post on Kimco's blog.

Custom Fitness Personal Training – Laband Village S.C., Chino Hills, CA:

Patrick Aguirre’s desire to live a well-balanced life has led to a lifelong passion for training and sharing his knowledge with clients. With 15 years of experience, Patrick has become an expert on clients' needs in the fitness industry, including but not limited to paraplegics, stroke victims, those recovering from surgery and sport performance in young athletes. Through KEYS, Patrick now has the space to live out his passion, helping his clients change their bodies and their lives.

Artisan’s Palate – Palm Plaza S.C., Temecula, CA:

Pia Maffei spent 25 years as an entrepreneur and executive, focused on technology. In that capacity, she has traveled most of the country and much of the world, and has always enjoyed sampling the fantastic cuisine specific to each locale. She has now decided to place that same level of energy into sharing her passion for great food with the Temecula community. Through KEYS, Pia has opened a specialty gourmet food shop, connecting the community with local artisans focused on producing the highest quality products, including organic, gluten-free, pale and non-GMO foods. Learn more about Pia and Artisan's Palate on our blog.