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Reporting & Policies

Kimco is committed to providing regular reporting on its Corporate Responsibility efforts – including both quantitative and qualitative information about impacts and initiatives. Kimco has developed a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility report in order to reach a broader audience of stakeholders. The company’s comprehensive reports are based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework.

Reporting Policies

ESG Goals

Kimco has announced a series of five and ten-year goals that will guide the company’s environmental, social impact, and governance (ESG) strategy and build upon its industry-leading achievements in these areas to date. Sixteen goals have been established, including a Paris-aligned emissions reduction target, a commitment to $1 million in annual corporate giving, and a pledge to increase diversity in management.

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Improving the sustainability performance of commercial buildings such as shopping centers requires collaboration between landlords and tenants. As a building owner working to advance sustainability within its portfolio of properties, Kimco is focused on creating resources to help our tenants improve their performance.


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Will Teichman

Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations

Office: (704) 362-6123

Tammy Chernomordik

Senior Director, ESG

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