Meet your customers where they are.Meet your customers where they are.Meet your customers where they are.

Curbside Pick-up®

How Curbside Pick-up® Works

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes to consumer behavior, and today, retailers are focused on serving customers with maximum flexibility and convenience.

As First in Last Mile Retail, Kimco is uniquely positioned to help retailers solve the last mile challenge and provide top-notch customer service. We launched our Curbside Pick-up® program in the spring of 2020 to help our retailers adapt to new shopping habits, and to allow customers to ease back into a daily shopping routine while feeling safe and comfortable at their neighborhood shopping centers. Today, our Curbside Pick-up® Program is a staple of the Kimco shopping center experience, offering retailers innovative solutions for their business, and providing our shoppers with the convenience and optionality they demand.

To learn more about Kimco's Curbside Pick-up® Program, download our flyer:

Download Flyer (PDF)

If you're already offering curbside pick-up®, or you'd like to get started, here's how it works:

CUSTOMER places order via phone, online or app, and chooses to pick up at the shopping center

MERCHANT provides the customer with appropriate "Pick-up Zone" (for example, Zone A, B or C, etc.)

CUSTOMER is instructed to call the store once they've arrived, indicating which spot number they have parked in

MERCHANT brings item to the customer's car, and places it in the trunk


Note which Curbside Pick-up® zone is closest to your store – that's where you'll direct your customers. Kimco provides these spots for your use, FREE OF CHARGE.


We're loving what tenants have to say about our Curbside Pick-up® Program!

"We are just thrilled about Kimco's Curbside Pick-up® program. Now with designated parking spots the process will be much more organized, and our customers will feel more comfortable knowing that this is a "normal" part of the shopping experience."

Deborah Deshazo
Owner, Shannon Jewelers
Grand Parkway Marketplace - Spring, TX

For more information on our Curbside Pick-up Program®, or for other property management-related requests, please call Kimco's 24/7 Customer Service Center(833) 800-4343