Corporate Responsbility - Reporting

Corporate Responsibility Reporting

Kimco is committed to providing regular reporting on its Corporate Responsibility efforts – including both quantitative and qualitative information about impacts and initiatives.

Since 2011, Kimco has responded annually to both the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). CDP and GRESB are two of the most widely respected disclosure forums for corporate sustainability information. The organizations are backed by leading institutional investors, and annually score responding companies on their transparency and performance with regard to sustainability.

Each year, Kimco has increased its relative standing in scoring published by both CDP and GRESB. The progress made over the past several years is one measure of Kimco's commitment to transparency. The company will continue to provide stakeholders with access to information via these forums, and copies of each report are available below.

In addition to these annual investor responses, Kimco has developed a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility report in order to reach a broader audience of stakeholders. The company’s comprehensive reports are based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework.